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Choosing to begin working with a particular psychotherapist is an important decision. There are many different approaches and methods of psychotherapy. Each therapist brings a unique mix of approach, methodology, and personal style to the process. I encourage you to share any questions or concerns you might have and take the time to find a good fit.


If you are considering therapy, I encourage you to schedule an initial consultation -- a 55-minute session aimed at providing you with an opportunity to get a sense and a feel of me and for how I work. This time will also help me to get a sense of you and allow me to understand more about what is bringing you to therapy. This initial consultation is a way to explore, learn and to help us both make a good decision regarding whether we are a good match and can also serve to help us both to discern whether what I offer can be of service to you.


The length & frequency of your sessions will depends upon many factors, including your level of distress, individual preferences, time limitations, and financial concerns. However, in most cases, for therapy to be effective and for me to truly be of service to you, it is important to meet regularly and consistently. After an initial meeting, or number of meetings, we'll come up with an initial plan and make adjustments as we go along.


My current fee is $250 for a 55-minute session. While I do offer a portion of my services to those who are unable to pay my full fee, these arrangements are in high demand and I currently have a lengthy waiting list for fee reductions. 


Payment is required for your session prior to commencement of our therapy meeting time. I utilize Ivy Pay as my payment vehicle as it is HIPPA compliant and completely confidential. Once we set our appointment time and determine your fee, I will have IVY PAY send you an invitation to set up your account via text. Once you enter in your credit card information, you will be charged for your first session. Subsequently, your payment information is held in a secure server in the IVY Pay system and available for future agreed upon session charges. I generally charge my session fees 24-48 hours prior to the commencement of your session time (within the 48 cancellation window).



I have a 48 hour cancellation policy for illness and emergencies only. In the case of other schedule changes or adjustments, I require 7 days, or as much notice as possible. Please see more about my cancellations or other policies under the "Forms & Notices" tab on this website.

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